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Broccoli & Cauliflower


Bruno is suited more towards the cooler production period and takes on avarage 70 - 75 days to mature. It has meduim sized beads and its dome shaped head with a flat butt packs well.


Marvie is best suited for Summer production, and takes on avarage 60 - 65 days to mature. Marvie has a slightly larger than medium  bead and works well as a pre packer with it`s flat butt. Marvie can be used for the loose head segment due to it`s outstanding shelf life.



Hurdle is best suited for Summer and Autumn production, and takes on average 60 - 65 days to mature.  Hurdle has medium sized beads and works very well as a pre packer with it`s flat butt. Tolerant to DM.


Majorca is best suited as a baby  Cauliflower. Majorca takes on avarage 50 - 65 days to mature as a baby. Majorca is snow white and with tight wrapper leaves.




Major is an all year Cauliflower. Major takes on avarage 75 - 80 days to mature. Major is snow white and has good wrapper leaves.