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The Seedsman cc t/a Calyx Agencies

Fancy Lettuce

Green Batavia

Baby Cos Red

Green Oak

Red Oak

Lolla Rossa

Deers Tongue

In the Green Oak typology we have two varieties. General has shiny dark green colour, where Stardom has a slightly lighter green but still shiny leaf.
In the Red Oak typology we have only one called Stealth. It has a remarkably dark red colour very deep into its crown. The red and green compliment each other well in the blister packs.
In the Lolla Rossa class we have six different varieties varying from lighter Pinkish Red to quadruple Red. Frilly leaves to scary frilly. Phone and ask for one that best suits your needs.
The Deers Tongue is called Relic and is in a class of it`s own. It consists of long pointy red  leaves.
In the Romaine typology we have six different sizes ranging from midi, large to extra large. Any size or shade of green you can think of. Feel free to contact us for more datails.

Green Batavian typology we offer two varieties. The one has a bit more yellow in the centre which looks magnificent in loose leaf lettuce packs.


Red Batavia

Red Batavian typology we offer three different types with different shades of red and different shapes and textures of leaves.
In the Baby Red Cos typology we offer two varieties. Amaze has all red leaves and Dazzle has slightly green centres

Green Tango

Sergeant is a delightfully crisp and frilly leaf. Superb textured leaves keep fresh for long in pillow packs


Red Tango

Corporal is a crisp, dark red leaf with very good texture which remains firm and crisp in pillow packs
Annopolis has very dark red leaves with a delightful shape and texture. Something very different

Green Romaine

Red Romaine

Lolla Bionda

Baby Cos Green

In the Lolla Bionda class we have two varieties varying from frilly leaves to scary frilly. Phone and ask for one that will suit your needs.
In the Green Baby Cos typology we offer three varieties. One with  bubbled leaves and the others with smoother leaves

Green Butter

In this segment we can offer 3 varieties. Sonja and Futura are ideally suited for Summer production as they do not wilt in the heat. Verdunna is used through the Winter


Red Butter

In this segment we can only offer 1 variety. Malori can be seed throughout the year with great success