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Hot Pepper

Ancho Allende


Big Jim




Ancho Allende is one of the Hot Peppers that works great for the food industry because of its size. It is a blend between a Ramiro Sweet Pepper and a Jalapeno hot Pepper. Thus giving you size and flavour, not just fire. Gone are the days of shopping for a handful of Hot Peppers.
Chisa is a lime green to bright red Hot Pepper. As its name implies it has fire. It is planted for a very specific market and asked for by name.
Chispa is a Jalapeno type Hot Pepper which was bred to ensure flavour and uniformity of fruit.
A large Serrano with an enormous yield. Good flavour.
Thai typology. Large plant with exceptional yield. Very good quality. High heat.

Bred specifically for the processing industry with big fruits that are bright red with a lot of bite.