The Seedsman cc t/a Calyx Agencies

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33 4th Street Delmas 2210

Onions & Leeks

Short Day

Intermediate Day

In the short day catagory we have five from which to choose. Two varieties fall into the Extra Early catagory called Mozomi and Tsubame. There are three  Early Short Day Onions called Flash, Pablo and G249. The Extra Early`s have lighter brown leaves when dry, where the Early`s have lovely dark brown leaves when dry.
In the Intermediate catagory we offer two varieties which get classified as Early Season. They are New Cordoba and Golden Beauty. These fall in the first week of December. As is expected from Intermediate Day Onions, they have dark brown leaves and are as hard as stones.

Red Spring

At last!!! There is a Red Spring Onion that works. It is called Fiamma. Please contact the Office for more info.


White Spring

Katana is our White Spring Onion.


In leeks we can offer 2. We have our own selection of Poriade,  the old standard in the market place. Then we have Cesena, which falls into the Bulgarian Giant class. Please call the office for more info.