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Something Special

Baby White Turnip

Snowball is a Baby White Turnip that stays perfectly round and white with a rounded bottom and thin root.

Ornamental Sunflower

This Ornamental Sunflower was devoloped by a flower breeder for his personal use and we were granted permission to share it with the rest of South Africa and the world. This particular hybrid is called Izak`s Choice and sheds no pollen whatsoever.

Complete Range

In the Complete Range we have four products. Complete Crop, Complete Wash, Complete Gel and Complete Salad Wash.Complete Crop is used for the spraying of your crops whilst growing for the control of PM. Complete Salad Wash is used for the rinsing of your produce once it is picked ready for packing. Complete Wash is used for the washing of your packhouse, equipment and almost anything you can think of. Complete Gel is used for the sterilising of your workers hands when entering your packhouse or greenhouse.

Garden Radish

Red Cherry was specifically bred for quality, yield, uniformity & colour


Indigo Sun

Indigo Sun produces 30 - 40g  cocktail shaped fruits up to 8 per cluster. It has solid indigo pigmentation on the shoulders, and bright yellow flesh. Indigo Sun has increased Vitamin C and E content, as well as increased Flavonoid content, resulting in fruit with a higher antioxidant content than traditional red tomatoes.