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Gem Squash


Yellow Butternut

In the butternut stable we have Destiny. Destiny is a Hybrid runner, that is shaped like the good old standard Waltham with fruit that weighs between 1.2 - 1.5 kg.  Destiny was bred for  uniformity of fruit and higher yields and is the most widely planted variety in Europe and the Americas. Distiny shows a natural tolerance to mildew. 
We have three Gems in our range.  Cargo, a semi bush for summer. Compact. A semi bush for winter. Sphene, a good old fasioned runner. All three are excellent hybrid gem squashes with great colour, excellent yields and a fair field tolerance to PM. 
Daffodil is a unique hybrid butternut with a vibrant yellow skin and  golden yellow flesh. Small seed cavity and a small flower attatchment makes it ideal for the Baby Veg market. With its great taste it makes any drab squash meal look and taste out of this world. 

Round Green Baby Marrow 

Black Ball is a bush type dark green round baby marrow, with Podivirus Complex resistance.

Baby Marrow  

Obsidian is fast becoming a market leader of all the green baby marrow sectors for local and export pre packs and also processing. It has a vigorous open plant with minimal  spines on the stems with fruits that are more medium than dark green. Obsidian  has long picking stems which makes it a treat to pick. Obsidian has resistance to Zylcv, Wmv11, Slcv & Pm2.

 Round Yellow Baby Marrow

Sonic is a bush type bright yellow round baby marrow. Resistance to Podivirus Complex

Yellow Baby Marrow  

Our yellow baby marrow is called Golden Girl. It was bred in the USA for the export market into Europe. Packed together with Obsidian, the contrast of green and yellow sells itself. Resistance to Pm2.


Baby Gem Squash

Cannon can be used as a baby gem squash due to its brilliant round shape and superb internal quality at a very young age.  Cannon has shown fair field tolerance to Pm1.



Mini White Pumpkin

In the mini white pumpkin segment we have Diploma with the classic pumpkin shape and stunning looks with white flesh that weighs between 350 - 450g with a small seed cavity.  These types of pumpkins can be used as ornaments or stuffing and roasting. Diploma has tolerance to Pm2 and Wmv.



Round White Gem Squash

In the mini round white gem squash segment we have Sarah with the classic gem squash  shape and stunning white skin colour and white flesh that weighs between 350 - 400g with a small seed cavity.  These types of gem squahes can be used as ornaments or stuffing and roasting. Sarah has tolerance to Pm2 and Wmv.