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Sweet Peppers

Sweet Heart


Blocky Types 

Sweet Heart Peppers come in the 3 popular pepper colours, Red, Yellow and Orange. The fruits vary in length between 70mm and 90mm, depending on climate, fertilisation and pollination. The Sweet Heart range was bred for the connoiseur with a brix of over 10. It was originally meant for  cultivation under protection but has been grown outside with great success.


In Red we have 2 varieties best suited to indoor and nethouses cultivation. Marike has Tmv,Tswv,Pvy,Bls 1-3.  GAP 7728 has Tm3 and Tswv. GAP 674 has Tm2 .

In Yellow we have 2 varieties suited to indoors and nethouses with interesting resistances. GAP 874 has Tm2 . GAP 7730 has Tm3 and Tswv.

In Orange we have one variety suited to indoor & nethouse cultivation with Tmv resistance. Could also be used for open field.

In the Ramiro typology, often rererred to as Rams Horns, we have both the colours. Red and Yellow.  The main draw card with ours is flavour and yield.




In the Marconi typology we have two   colours, Red and Yellow as shown in the picture above. We are the first company in South Africa to offer a Yellow Marconi into the marketplace. The fruit are Conical in shape, 16 - 20cm long and weigh between 100 - 120gr. Both have L3, but the Red has TSWV in addition.  

Indoor & Undercover

Open Field

For outdoor cultivation there are 3 varieties with different disease packages. Yordana has Tmv, Tswv, Pvy and Bls 1-3. Inken has Tmv, Cmv, Bw and Pyh. Cougar has Tmv, Pvy & Bls 1-3.

For outdoor cultivation there is Aristo which has Tmv 3, Tswv, Stip and Checking with excellent leaf cover.