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Red Mini Plum

In the Red Cherry class we can offer Robin, with fruit sized  12-15g of amazing flavour. Robin is resistant to V1, F2, Tmv and N.
In the Red Cherry class we can offer 2 varieties, Snoopy and Zuccherino. Both these varieties are very sweet and have exceptional taste and fruit quality. As resistances goes, both have V, F2, Tmv & N.  Zuccherino will give 20-30, fruits where Snoopy will give 15-25g fruits.
In the Table Tomato catagory all the varieties have V, F2, Tmv, & N as the basic resistance. Thereafter different additions are made for each variety.There are different catagories. Firstly in the 110 - 130g there is  JAT-1010 with Tswv and Fcr. In the 150 - 170g segment we have Tiffany with Fcr. In the 220 - 250g slot we have Botlary with Tswv, Fcr and Bexie with Tylcv resistance.


Tomato Jessii is an Israeli bred "Black" Tomato and falls into the 110-130gr size, with red and green skin and bright red flesh. Jessii has V, F2, Tmv and N resistances.





In this typology we have Snapper which is as sweet as sugar and weighs in at 30 - 40g. Perfect for the mouth stopper with V, F2, Tmv, N and Fcr resistance

Red Cherry

Orange Mini Plum

In the Orange Plum class we can offer Pluto, with it`s bright orange colour and very firm  fruits, tipping the scale at 15 -25g. Pluto works great in the truss market as the fruit stays on the truss until picked. Pluto has resistantce against V, F2 and Tmv.

Yellow Mini Plum

In the Yellow Plum class we can offer Tweetie, with bright yellow 15-25g fruits. These fruits remain firm for a very long time after ripening.  Tweetie has resistance to F2.

Dark Red Cherry

In the Dark Red Cherry class we can offer Santina, with fruits dark red almost purple in colour with excellent flavour and is sized at 12-15g. Santina has resistance to V1, F2, Tmv and N.

Tiger Stripe Cherry

In this unique class we can offer Crimson, with fruit that are red with green "tiger stripes" over it. The flesh of Crimson is a dark red and has a very unique flavour and is sized at 20-25g. Crimson has resistance to V, F2 and N.

Midi Plum

In the Midi Plum shape we have Diamanté with the most magnificent taste. It bears the 25-35g fruits in clusters larger than life, and has exeptional firmness and colour. Diamanté has a high lycopene content and has resistance to F2,N,Tmv and Cladosporium.


In the Saladette class we have Arosa, with fruits weighing in at 130-150g with excellent fruit quality and vibrant red skin. Arosa has V, F2, Tswv  and Tylcv resistances.