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Triploid Tiger Stripe Watermelon

Diploid Black Watermelons

We have Triploid (seedless) as well as Diploid (seeded) Watermelons. They are set apart below with more datails on each type.

In the Black Diploid segment we have Sollo.
Sollo takes 75 - 85 days to mature, weighs 4 - 5 kg with round to oval fruits of bright red, very sweet flesh. Sollo shows excellent tolerance to Fusarium, Antracnose and Gummy Stem Blight.    
In the Triploid Tiger Striped Watermelon segments we have 2 varieties.
4812 takes 70 - 80 days to mature, is round to oval and weighs 5 - 8 kg with bright red flesh and excellent taste with high brix. 4812 has exellent field tolerance to Fusarium Wilt and Gummy Stem Blight.
Sunshine takes 85 - 95 days to mature, is round in shape and weighs 5 - 8 kg with yellow flesh that is very sweet and crisp. Sunshine has field tolerance to Fusarium Wilt.

Triploid Black Watermelon

In the Triploid Black Watermelon segment we have 3020 which takes 80 - 90 days to mature. 3020 is round  in shape and weighs 2 - 4 kg with bright red flesh and excellent taste. 3020 has very good field tolerance to Fusarium Wilt.

Diploid Yellow Watermelon

In the Yellow Diploid segment we have Tiara. Tiara takes on average 65 - 75 days to reach maturity with 2 - 4 kg oval fruits of deep red flesh and bright yellow skin.